Really does Every classification in the “real” globe have an effective token homosexual with it?

Thank you MTV towards films We nonetheless consider of years back. However you have become deceased and possess rotten having age, I have to finally notice your stench and you may bury your. Thanks TiVo to your Stop ability. MTV, Split.

This is very pathetic…then again once more, it is MTV we’re speaking of. Possibly they want to is actually to play tunes movies once more rather. If the individuals just want to watch two girls make out…there can be lots of porno online…its not necessary to possess an excellent PG-13 program…lame!

Could MTV possibly have a good beastialty fact let you know planned? It network went on the crapper the day the original Real Community transmit. I am very tired of this new homo agenda having off our throats (no pun intended). In the event that two men have to do new ass tango at the rear of signed doorways…keeps within they…however, please give up so you’re able to weasel it into conventional and you can refer to it as normal. Sorry, it is really not.

I had rid of cord 5 years ago – no regrets. The online is as bad. “Scrap for the, Rubbish Aside”

Once i expected my personal web sites/cord supplier how come they carry eg rubbish television channels with the the bundles targeted to people who have children they had zero possible factor. I think next I am able to just drop my personal wire also, maybe simply maybe they’ll obtain the idea. MTV=garbage

MTV was once super, tunes videos, revolutionary suggests such as for instance 120 moments, today their merely a number of cheaper Los angeles lead shock stunts being aired inside the an occasion in which surprise has shed it’s notice. Whom you can expect to it reveal really desire? I’m very sorry homosexuality isn’t that interesting, I can not discover actual focus.

In my opinion particular gays must expand the brand new hell up and prevent pushing to possess special legal rights and services, while they flirt with this mysterious concept of for some reason becoming elite while they choose participate in intercourse with regards to very own intercourse

It’s comedy that in case anyone that finds out these matters to-be scrap, he’s branded anti-homosexual, really I’m very sorry, the individual cannot dislike someone because they’re homosexual, they do hate those who attempt to push agendas down its throats beneath the shallow guise of “get real, be established oriented”. In addition to, why must sixteen straight males need to get that have a great Lesbian, whenever they was indeed most Lesbians it wouldn’t be curious at all into the straight males. I suppose in some way the new Lesbians was far better than the brand new second-rate and you can foolish white straight guys. We can all the discover in which so it retarded inform you is going.

Just how unfortunate, not surprising Alkieda have to eliminate us.. View exactly what The united states is…In the end all of us usually deal with the father and we will the provide a make up our everyday life… Route to take MaggotTv I hope your you will Regret.

We blocked MTV away from my COX cord, would love to find it merely disappear completely months

The federal government is to institute an examination to determine if an individual is actually legitimately sane and you can adult, and you will competent to build carbon for the sky. It is in this way: for many who observe MTV your fail the test.

Hmm, I believe issue try…could it possibly be MTV destroying economic thinking..or perhaps is MTV an indication of opinions we are neglecting ourselves? I believe aforementioned.

How demented keeps we have because the a community? MTV used to play Musical as i try expanding up 20 years ago. Today it continue steadily to stoop also down.

Whom cares regarding a beneficial skank that’s as well as a slut? This might be a special low, when the even for MTV. This really is you to definitely ruddy lookin large which had been rode ways too much having way too long and put away wet. Anybody who is actually hot because of it bunch from peoples dirt are exactly as moronic due to the fact she is freaking ugly.

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